Welcome to the home of Eh?!, a collaborative musical trio celebrating Canadian fiddling and song. Find out who and where we are, order our new CD, have fun with the world of Canadian fiddling (eh to zed) or download an Eh?! tune.

Our new CD!


Eh?! was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award
for "Instrumental Group of the Year" in 2011!

Two veteran Canadian fiddlers/multi-instrumentalists with eclectic tastes (Anne Lederman and James Stephens) team up with a brilliant young musician (Emilyn Stam) to create music that is both old and new. Eh?! is dedicated to exploring the myriad pathways between tradition, innovation, collaboration and improvisation. 4 and 5-string fiddles, voices, piano, accordion, mandolins, guitars, kalimba, percussion and feet all weave their way through an Eh?! experience.

Great Canadian fiddle traditions rub shoulders with new compositions and a whole new tapestry of creative expression. Québécois, Métis, Irish, Cape Breton, Newfoundland, Ontario and more -  never content to let old tunes lie, Eh?! is fiddling, singing and performing for a new age.

As part of groups as diverse as The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, Fat Man Waving and Twisted String, members of Eh?! have played at most major festivals in Canada, as well as camps, clubs and events throughout Wales, Scotland, England and parts of Europe.